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Meet our family and two of the kids in our Dance Family Performance Team…John-John and Lindsey – the Dance Family Kids!

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Schedule Sept 2014- June 2015

3:30-4:30 Beggining Dance Ages 3-5

4:30-5;30 Beggining Jazz/ Contemporary

5:50-6:30 Beggining Turns and JumpsHip Hop with John



3:30-4:30 Beginning Acro/ Tumbling

4:30-5:30 Competition Rehearsal

5:30-6:30 Competition Rehearsal



4:00-5:00 Beg. Ballet/Jazz Level 1

5:00-6:00 Beg./Int. Hip Hop

7:00-8:00  Int./ Adv. Ballet

8:00-9:00 Competition Team


3:30-4:30 Tots Dance Theatre 3-6 yrs
4:30-6:00 Kids Dance Theatre 7 & Up

6:00-7:30 Int/Adv. Acro



11:00-12:00 Beginning Tap

12:00-1:00 Intermediate Ballet

1:30 -2:30 Competition Rehearsal

In addition to the above, there are “competition team classes” and show classes listed on the Dance Family Online Calendar.  The classes listed not listed above include additional costs including costuming and ticket sales for the shows.  **These additional costs are traditionally not covered by Charter School funds.**This does not apply to the above listed classes.  Charter funds can be used toward all classes above.


The Jr. Ballroom Team performing at Downtown Burbank Summer Concert Series:

* Waltz * Foxtrot * Tango * Viennese Waltz * Rumba * Cha-Cha * Bolero * East Coast Swing * Mambo * Meringue * Samba * West Coast Swing * Salsa * Hustle * Nightclub Two-Step * Lindy Hop *Argentine Tango *

Where are Classes held?

The Dance Family Studio. Click here for address information.

Is there room for my child?

Yes. We have expanded the classes and can accommodate new students.

What is the cost?

Determined by how many class dates are in each month:

4 Classes in a month = $48 or 5 Classes in a month = $60

(Sky Mountain, Gorman, Excel & Golden Valley Charter School Students $60/month or $149 unlimited*)

Unlimited Junior Classes = $149/month *most popular – best savings

Tuition due at the beginning of each month. Sorry, no make-ups.

Who will be our instructor?

The Co-Director of the California Ballroom Teachers Academy, and The Dance Family Studio, Stacey Martinez. See further details here.

Burbank Performance after a one week Summer Dance Camp

Advanced Hip Hop Dance Family at Palm Springs Swing Dance Classic

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